In ancient times gone by, when any mother had seven sons then the seventh son was called "Haftvad". '-vad' means 'son' in Old Persian. Therefore, "Haftvad" means 'seventh son'.


HAFTVAD resided in the city of Bam in the era of Ardeshir I. He had seven sons and a daughter. As was the costume in those times, a girl would take some cotton and spin thread. She would take these through the gates of the city and sit in a suitable place having a pleasant climate; starting to spin thread from the cotton. While at night, she would return home. Haftvad's daughter occupied herself in this manner until one day, she found an apple which had been blown by the wind off a tree. As she was about to take a bite out of the apple, she came across a worm lodged in the apple. She caught the worm, placed it in her satchel and returned to her home at night.


Her mother was happy as that day, her daughter had woven three times more thread than usual. Her mother put this to the lucky arrival of the worm. From that day on, Haftvad and his sons started to make progress in their work day by day. The worm also started to grow day by day until a stage was reached for the worm to be kept in a chest.


The worm's destiny and luck was the basis of Haftvad and his men to conquer the city of Bam along with its famous Citadel. After that, Narmashir, Jiroft and Rudbar were captured.


It is supposed that the city of Bam was specified as the worm's home so the "Wormhole" is a famous section in the Bam Citadel as it is now known. Haftvad, as a result, led his troops to Govashir (Kerman) and decided to become the ruler of Kerman with a hundred Parsis.


When Ardeshir returned fom his trip to India and Turkeminstan; he heard about this event and became very angry. He gathered his huge army and set off towards Kerman. While, Haftvad prepared his troops as well. Several days and nights passed as the battle was fought. The worm turned into a dragon and fought on the front line. Ardeshie sat back and thought to himself of how to defeat Haftvad and the worm. He decided to load a number of horses with valuable goods, food and poison. He started out towards the "Wormhole" with this cargo and seven men from his troop.


As Haftvad's men protected the worm; they saw Ardeshir with his cargo and were overjoyed. Ardeshir stated that he brought some food for the worm as soon as he had found ou about the worm. He wanted to get close to it. He gave gifts to the troops protecting the worm and within two days, they became friends and very close. On the third day, Ardeshir gave those men some contaminated drink to get them dazed and so he was able to enter the Citadel. Haftvad and Ardeshir fought until Haftvad was defeated and all his troops dispersed. As a result, Haftvad and his elder son were executed.


Ardeshie gave poisoned food to the worm thus killing it in the process. Finally, Ardeshir's Kerman campaign came to an end and he became happy while returning home to Persia.


[Resource  :  Ferdowsi's Shahnameh (English : "The Book of Kings"), Bastani Parizi's Book]



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